Wednesday, February 5, 2020

New Haven, CT, Mayor joins rally for better public transit

NEW HAVEN — Residents called for greater investment in public transportation and city streets Tuesday, with hopes of bolstering economic opportunity, combating climate change and giving all New Haven residents an equal ability to move through the city and region safely and comfortably.

...Dottie Green, a member of an organization that works to remember Parks’ legacy. “You cannot have equity and limit people’s access.

...“People should have more options to, in an affordable way, access their jobs, access government, and lead a life that is safe and allows us more opportunities to interact with people,” said Mayor Justin Elicker.

...According to the New Haven Independent, nine pedestrians were struck and killed in New Haven last year, and two more have been killed this year.

...“Lack of good, proper transportation is a barrier. When a person can’t find a job, or afford transportation to get to a job, or get home because the bus doesn’t run early enough or late enough, that is a huge barrier,” said Dumas. “Transportation is a civil rights issue.”

...“If I can’t access rural communities, or I can’t access (people in) communities that don’t look like me, then that is institutional racism built into our transportation system that we have to address — and we need to address,” said Farmer. 

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