Tuesday, July 7, 2015

New Haven initiative will burn calories instead of money

NHRegister: "In 2014, Go New Haven Go reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 456 tons, cut car transportation by 10,276 miles, helped save $5,754 dollars in transportation costs and helped commuters burn 154,163 extra calories, as 47 commuters pledged to bike or carpool instead of drive to work, according to the program’s website."

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Massachusetts #publictransit needs more investment

Panelists talk mass transit - News - Wakefield Observer - Wakefield, MA: "“A reliable, efficient, high-quality transportation system is critical to the strength and future growth of the local economy,” Lewis said. “Environmentally, it takes cars off the roads, and it improves public health.”
However, he said, “there were failures of the public transportation system in the extreme winter weather in February, and even before, there were ongoing issues and concerns with subways, buses and the commuter rail.”
Mares noted that Stoneham, in Sen. Lewis’ Fifth Middlesex district, has just one MBTA bus line (132) and that other areas have even fewer options.
“Twenty-six percent of high-density areas in the region have no public transportation within a quarter-mile of homes,” Mares said. “A lot of pockets don’t have service. With changing demographics, we need to cover the region.”"