Monday, April 1, 2013

Need a job? Want to save money? Move near #publictransit

Roads and Rails - "According to the study's results, those living within a half mile of public transit had access to two times more jobs than those living outside the "public transit shed". Now, that's just including the areas where subway, light rail, and the bus service. If you just focus on where the buses serve in Greater Boston, residents had access to five times more jobs than those who don't live with direct access to public transit.
(This makes sense, as areas with greater access to public transportation are generally more urban, where many more jobs are available in general.)

The transportation costs were starkly different as well (even with all the public transit hikes we've been seeing here in the Boston area). The study shows that those living in the Boston area who utilize public transit or live in areas very to close to access save an average of $350 per month on their transportation costs. "

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