Saturday, January 28, 2017

Why, for #climate, heat is more important than emissions

There are two things about fossil-fuels that are often confused. First, they put out a lot of green-house gas. Second they have enabled us to grow to over 7 billion people.

There is a lot of focus on reducing emissions, but what if we do not address heat? Heat is the form that energy takes when used for human life. Even if that heat is from a solar panel it will still add to overall heat. Those solar rays should be hitting plant life and being stored.

Much worse, heat now threatens to dissolve the permafrost and underwater clathrates. Recently a massive store of peat was discovered in Africa. If these things release their gases and heat, it won't matter how many solar-powered gadgets we have sold.

There is only one policy that directly addresses heat. Luckily it also is the best policy for emissions. That policy is degrowth. We already have falling birth rates in many areas. We can encourage that with carfree cities. When people urbanize, birth rates fall.

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