Monday, November 16, 2015

Millennials Want More Public Transportation

U.S. PIRG : "As a Millennial myself, I can relate to many of these reasons above. I went to college where I didn’t have, want, or need a car. I’m not yet married (nor do I plan to be for a long while) and want to live in walkable areas where I can get to the grocery stores, restaurants, bars, and other attractions without a car.  But it’s the availability of technology has largely enabled me to realize that want – a number of apps allow me to find the closest bike share, map the fastest bus route home, reserve a car, or order a ride at the touch of a button.

The reasons Millennials as a whole are driving less is varied and complicated, but as the largest generation, they’re the ones with the most to gain or lose from a lack of investment in public transportation.  The decisions we make today are will define how we’re able to navigate our cities in the future and it’s clear that Millennials want more public transportation.  It’s time for our city leaders to head that call."

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