Monday, October 3, 2011

Plenty of money for #transit. But we must fight for it.

Abel Collins: RIPTA’s where we must stand and fight | Contributors | | The Providence Journal: Contrary to the myth, the truth is that the U.S. economy is bigger than it has ever been. The gross domestic product is more than $14 trillion. As a country we have never been richer, but that money is more and more concentrated in the hands of a small privileged group. Does it really make sense to coddle them and cut services for the rest of us? Since our economy is so dependent on consumer spending, doesn’t it make sense both morally and economically to give help where it is needed?
...To be brief, public transit is where we stand and fight, because it is where we can win. Winning will boost the morale of the compassionate majority and restore some faith in fairness. At the same time it will demonstrate that investing in a public service is good for everybody. Furthermore, winning will give us momentum for whatever cause comes next, and there are many waiting.

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