Monday, July 12, 2010

Public Transit MUST be free - Robert Wagner

Public transport MUST be free, it makes absolute sense. Here's why. Most of the costs of auto-sprawl are borne by society collectively, including many of the hidden costs: infrastructural, pollution, fuel subsidies, health/medical... For Vermont, it should be put to the people to decide whether free & universal public transport is of value to our economy.

How to pay for it. Democrat/Republicans desert us, after paying lip service to public transport as a vote-getting scheme. To pay for it, Vermont has to tax back the profits of natural resources and land speculation, the 'Commons'. Over a billion a year goes tax-free into corporate pockets this way, just in Vermont. And then there's Vermont's $1.5 billion pro rata share in the US military. If Vermont becomes an independent republic, we can use that $1.5 billion here in Vermont, instead of on wars and 700+ military bases worldwide. We can _really_ be green, rather than a dog-and-pony-show for tourism and real estate sales.

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