Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Bus Bench: Solutions: Sustainability Access Pyramid

The Bus Bench: Solutions: Sustainability Access Pyramid: "An accessible community has to do with access. Access to housing, access to clean air, access to a clean environment, access to supportive family policies, access to parks, access to experiences, access to quality food, access to health care, access to free time, access to education, and access to be financially comfortable.

If any part is unbalanced you will create a shaky foundation that will make the other part of the pyramid lopsided and uneven and the taller the pyramid goes the more inequitable and unbalanced the pyramid will be.

This is just an idea and I think it’s something to aspire to, maybe we won’t get there in now, but we could build toward something like this, something that turns the car into a luxury item that in everyone's mind is bad for you like everything else people buy on an installment plan. I don’t like the leasing your life thing for stuff, do you?"

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  1. This helps frame the situation in a way that is familiar to many. Good link.